Program Python Games
Gerald Chung
Thursday 9:00 – 12:00
St. Mary’s N213

Python has emerged as one of education’s most popular and easy to learn computer programming languages. It was the programming language chosen by the Khan Academy to introduce students to Computer Science.   Easy and fun to learn, Python has the power to implement any and all of Alberta’s CTS Computer Science Education (CSE) courses.

Program GameMaker
Lance Pedersen
Thursday 12:30 – 15:30
St. Mary’s N213

This session will be on GameMaker’s GML (GameMaker language) as a tool for introducing object oriented programming.  GameMaker provides a great free tool for learning purposes and, for students who get hooked, GameMaker is transitioning to become a full studio for purchase if students want to make games and then port them to HTML5, Google Play, or the Apple Store.

Computer Projs in CTF
Harvey Duff
Thursday 9:00 – 15:30
St. Mary’s N211

All day workshop:  Career Technologies Foundation (CTF) program replaces Junior High’s CTS curriculum for grades 5 to 9. Participants are introduced to CTF technology based, career oriented, project based learning. CTF environments address virtual world building, iconic programming, robot programming, architectural and mechanical design, and internet communication.

Google SketchUp Pro
Andy Johnson
Friday 9:00 – 12:00
St. Mary’s N211

SketchUp Pro is free through Alberta Education.  Get hands-on practice and self-directed learning resources.

Learn easy to use tools in SketchUp Pro and Google Earth integration to create presentations and 3D building models placed on site in Google Earth.  Google SketchUp Pro creates printable, scaled layouts and imports and exports models to other applications.

Teaching With Robots
Rob Kremer
Friday 12:30-13:45
Telus 109

Teach students to control robots in with iRobot.  Learn “how to” set up a lab where students control robots with Java or the AI language LISP.  Students experiment in real time with a wide array of sensors, going from lists of commands (making a robot dance) to advanced programs with complex behaviours such as playing soccer.  the iRobot commands can be easily extended to use elementary-level (logo-like) turtle graphics.

Linux & the Cloud
Mea Wang
Thursday 12:30 – 15:30
St. Mary’s S016

Participants learn about Linux using Amazon’s free “Elastic Computer Cloud” (Amazon EC2) as a teaching platform on Windows and Mac.

Cloud computing is a powerful teaching technology.  The UNIX operating system is the most used OS in universities.  Your students get a huge head start in university computer science by learning Linux, a desktop version of UNIX.