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Best teaching and learning in the 21st century combines web technologies and human interaction.

The Khan Academy (KA) computer programming courses are designed for grades 4-12. barclaycard site down The KA programming skills are easy enough for grade 4 students but powerful enough for high school students.

Source: Video on the Khan Academy Computer Science YouTube Channel

For the mean (50th percentile) Alberta high school student, the Khan Academy without teacher support provides a learning experience that pedagogically surpasses what a mean (50th percentile) Alberta classroom teacher with traditional resources provides. However, the Khan Academy platform is designed, not to compete with teachers, but to support and enhance teaching and learning in both the classroom and student homes.

The most sophisiticated technology for teaching and learning online today that I could identify when authoring this blog in May 2014 is implemented by Khan Academy in the Khan Academy Math courses. Much of the interface but not yet all of the sophistication found in the the Khan Academy Math courses has been implemented in the still superbly fun and effective Khan Academy Computer Programming courses, particularly with respect to the adaptive learning technology. That still leaves the Khan Academy Computer Programming courses superior as an introduction to computer programming than anything else on the web.

In March of 2014 I found myself encouraging some neighbourhood children to sharpen their math skills using Khan Academy’s math courses. comoros When I looked closely, I was blown away with the friendliness of the Khan interface and sophistication of the Khan pedagogy used in their math courses. I encourage all K-12 teachers to examine the Khan Academy K-12 math courses, even if they (you) don’t teach math. The Khan Academy online math courses combine adaptive learning and instant feedback with background analytics that demonstrates the welcomed, massive support of millions of dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and others.

Currently, there are three Khan Academy Computer Programming courses.

The Khan Academy computer programming courses provide syntax and concepts that are highly relevant and easily transferred to other popular programming lanuages. The three KA computer programming courses use a "Processing graphics library" embedded in the JavaScript computer programming language. Processing is a graphics subclass of the PApplet Java class. Java is used in web browsers, traditional computer applications and for most Android mobile applications. JavaScript is used in web browsers a lot. Both Java and JavaScript use a format called "C-syntax" to write code, which means that code is done in much the same

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way that it is written in the C programming language. This is good to know because it means that students can later more easily transfer their syntax skills to other C-syntax type languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP and Python.


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Gerry Donaldson was Calgary’s first high school teacher to use a lab of personal computers. Gerry taught CSE, including CTS, AP and IB Computer Science, for 30 years before teaching and consulting to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary.
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