President’s Message, October 2014

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Now that you’ve all had time to settle in to our classes I’d like to say hello, viagra 100mg welcome back to another year of Computer Science education, and there’s lots going on with CSTAAB. As the new President I am excited to be working with a great executive and membership, and to see what we can achieve this year.

Technology Careers Continue Promising Growth

Computer Science jobs continue to rank high in terms of demand, salary, and life-career balance, capturing multiple spots in several “top ten” lists (, The application of computer technology in virtually every other field of work makes technological literacy, and the understanding of the capabilities of computing, more important than ever for our students. Perhaps most telling is a recent announcement from Harvard that their introductory Computer Science course is their most popular offering, enrolling more students than any other course in at least a decade (

Teachers Helping Teachers

Computer Science is an area, like the trades, that struggles to find qualified educators, and it difficult for teachers to pick up and teach without the technical background. Luckily, CSTAAB is a group of energetic, generous Computer Science educators who are here to support you regardless of your level of Computer Science expertise. For those new to the subject, we even have a group working on a full set of exemplar courses (10-, 20- and 30-level) to provide guidance and confidence for those new to the topic. (If you would like to contribute to this project, go here to join.)

Join CSTAAB Today!

If you are not yet a member of CSTAAB please consider joining (here: and it’s free!), and for those of you who have joined please encourage your colleagues who would benefit from our group to join as well.

Good luck, and have a great 2014-2015 year of Computer Science education!


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  1. Ramona Bilsborrow  November 27, 2015

    I am exploring the possibility of teaching a Cmput Sc high school course. I would be interested in learning more about the exemplar materials you are assembling. Thank you.


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