Why Teach With Java Now!

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The decision to use a particular programming language for instruction is enormously important. I generated the following list of reasons for teaching a preferred programming language. After making the list, I was going to preface it with the caveat, “in no particular order”, but I hate cop-outs. I gave my best shot at prioritizing the reasons that have been most Read On →


Alberta Education’s Authorized CSE Textbook

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This blog was revised on September 9, 2009 to provide details concerning services of Universal Bindery (Sask) Ltd. This blog was revised on October 2, 2009 to indicate that Pearson Education will create customized versions of this textbook. This blog was revised on 27 May 2010 to indicate that Alberta Education had authorized the 8th edition of this textbook. On 4 August 2009 ...

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