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Many roads lead to Rome. This case study features a middle class urban high school of 1600 students. The school launches a grade ten 5-credit course with script-language programming and a introduction to a programming language such as Visual BASIC or Alice. It then moves at a comfortable pace through Java in grade eleven and challenges students with file-handling, ADTs (Abstract Data Types) and recursion in grade 12. Successful students in this pathway reach a most respectable level of abstraction with the use of the Java high level computer programming language. I recommend that schools consider using the Alice or Scratch programming languages to introduce their students to programming because these are OOP (Object Oriented Programming) languages. Java programming, which will be used in the grade 11 and grade 12 courses, is also an OOP language and will be more easily understood if fundamental OOP concepts are covered in grade 10. There are OOP versions of BASIC. Visual BASIC is “Object-Based”, and Visual is object-oriented, but it takes longer to learn OOP in Visual BASIC than it does with Alice or Scratch. That said, this pathway finds Java beginning in grade 11. Any programming language in grade 10 will make students more ready for programming in any other programming language. Its always a plus to have any programming background. I don’t accept that students have to “unlearn bad habits” from earlier experience. It all helps. Note that JavaScript looks and feels a lot like Java, although JavaScript is definitely a different language. (Netscape called it “JavaScript” to capitalize on the then growing popularity of Java, or so goes the urban myth.) If we wish to do “Client-Side online viagra Scripting” and would like to tie grade 10 material closer to a grade 11 Java course, JavaScript is an interesting “script language” worth considering. This Computer Science 20 course gives students a solid background in programming in Java that exposes students to both procedural and object oriented programming and introduces students to the most ubiquitous structure in programming, the array. This pathway has already covered viagra online an introduction to structure programming in Computer Science 10 with a “first programming language” (BASIC or Alice or Scratch), so this pathway may now legitimately use CSE 2140 (Second Language Programming 1) to introduce basic concepts in a pharmacy online “second programming language”, which is precisely what is happening here. Computer Science 30 draws students into recursion and abstract data types (stacks and queues) and leaves them with excellent depth for a high school program. This is a super grade 12 course that students will well remember for the remainder of their academic career.


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Gerry Donaldson was Calgary’s first high school teacher to use a lab of personal computers. Gerry taught CSE, including CTS, AP and IB Computer Science, for 30 years before teaching and consulting to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary.
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